Dreamweavers Pinterest Challenge (heart journaling)

The challenge at Dreamweavers Stencils this month is to create something from a pin on Pinterest that’s inspired you. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I tend to go off on a tangent. This time is no different…

Here’s my inspiration…


And here’s what I made…

DWPin1 Jessica Griffin Pinterest challenge heart art journaling

You see, I really liked that there are only two colors as the background. So that’s where I started. With the background, of course. That seemed logical, right? Then I wanted to drip some Color Solutions (linked below) down the page, instead of painting lines. I like the ‘messy’ look. My life often feels messy and chaotic- so the drips were perfect!

DWPin1Details Jessica Griffin Pinterest challenge heart art journaling

Then I got to the butterflies, and I don’t so much *love* butterflies. Though I think they are incredibly beautiful, and I enjoy seeing them, they weren’t something I wanted on my page. But feathers… they speak to me! So I added some feathers using embossing paste (all linked below). I love that by simply flipping the stencil I can achieve a different look! Makes stenciling versatile, where stamping isn’t. (Though I sure love my stamps!)

Materials used: 
LL 437 Peacock Feather Stencil

Translucent Embossing Paste
Color Solutions CS208 Sugar Plum
Golden Paints: Teal and Medium Magenta

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7 thoughts on “Dreamweavers Pinterest Challenge (heart journaling)

  1. I like how the page is really opened up for adding your journaling work. Sometimes you don’t see that so much. This is creative and gives the opportunity for your thoughts or photos as well. Very nice border work!

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