Project Life: October 20th Digital Layout

I’ve been on Jessica Sprague’s creative team since January 2010. I’ve learned so much about digital scrapbooking in that time. So much that I’ve given up 70% of my ‘collection’. You know, all the paper, adhesive, bling, rub-ons, etc. I’ve been using my computer so much that everything else has been collecting dust. Here is some of what I’ve been doing…

12X24 layout.

Through Jessica Sprague, Becky Higgins offers Project Life, digitally. A lot of people like to use Project Life to record one week at a time, using one photo for each day. I like to record one moment at a time. One of my favorite things to do is take, what I call, action shots. For example, the right page above shows my daughter throwing the leaves in the air. The first photo is of her picking up the leaves, and the last photo shows the leaves raining down on her. But what I love the most about these photos is her facial expressions. Naturally, she’s a smily and happy child, so I knew an activity like this would allow me to capture her ‘excited’ face. Even on a bad day that child can light up a room!

Journaling reads:

Several of my childhood memories include visits to Cider Mills. For you kids, growing up in Texas, you never really knew what Fall was. We went Trick-or-Treating in tank tops and shorts. You didn’t know what ‘bundling’ up was like… until we moved to Washington! Now that we’re here, we’ve had to buy lots of warm clothes! But, with the cooler weather comes an incredible Season, one Dad and I love! It’s called Fall. It’s a beautiful time of year, the leaves change colors and begin falling from the trees. Pumpkin patches open up and serve fresh, hot Apple Cider and donuts. One of my favorite parts of Fall is playing in the leaves. It’s so much fun raking them into a huge pile and jumping in! Or tossing them into the air. Today, October 20th, 2012 you played in the leaves for the very first time! I couldn’t be more proud of the wonderful memories we’ve created today! I hope you’ll remember today forever!

My kids were in awe at the size of the leaves, and the fact that the leaves were as big as their faces! Here are a few of my favorite photos from that day…

Photos taken with a Canon Rebel XTi using a 50 mm f 1.4.

All photos © 2012 Jessica Griffin For permission to download, copy or print photos seen on please contact


2 thoughts on “Project Life: October 20th Digital Layout

  1. Love how you’ve done this 🙂 I’m gathering ideas to start my own project next year, though I’ll go paper cos I need to use up some of my own vast collection!

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