Art Impressions: Jumbo Dancer

I love this little lady! She’s such a fashionista!

Materials used:


  1. Cut background paper to fit card.
  2. Die cut scallop and circle.
  3. Stamp your image onto the circle card stock and color.
  4. Stamp your image onto pattern paper and cut out hat and dress.
  5. *VERY IMPORTANT* Ink the edges of your pattern paper with the same color you stamped your image. This is a minor detail that makes a huge difference.
  6. Color the purse and flower with glitter pens.
  7. Adhere the circle to the scallop circle, and adhere the scallop circle to the card base using pop dots.
  8. Optional: To finish this card, I used the same glitter pens to outline the yellow and grey design on the card base. You can see the lines of grey the best.

A few things to keep in mind when you’re fussy cutting… I like to cut INSIDE the stamped line. That way, if I mess up a little bit, it’s okay, because I always use my black Memento marker to line the cut piece. So, after I cut out her dress I held my marker at an angle and gave the dress an outline. Why do I do that instead of cutting outside the stamp line? Because, that would be TOO easy! No, no… doing it this way allows the line around the dress to be the same thickness. So it’s not darker, or thicker in one area than another. I’m a tad bit OCD, please don’t tell my hubby, I’ve been denying it for years! 🙂

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! xo


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