Ah, my FAVORITE thing. Organization! I’m a freak for organization. If you’re like me, chances are you have a ridiculous amount of stuff, and it becomes difficult to keep track of. (And sometimes it’s difficult to remember what I have, so I overlook materials or stamps that would have been great for a project.) Hopefully this will help!

Some of you may remember my post back in January 2011 about the way I store my dies. If you missed it, you can see it HERE. Since then, my die collection has doubled. I’ve tried different methods for storing my dies but I really can’t seem to find anything I like as much as I do these magnetic folders from Quick Kutz, now Lifestyle Crafts. I have only been able to find them at Hobby Lobby.

In trying another one of my *great* ideas (wink wink) I purchased this small three ring binder with some page protectors.

I had imagined putting each die set into it’s own sheet protector- making it easy for me to flip through the dies. Of course I ran into several other problems, like, it was WAY too bulky. So, I put them back into my magnetic folders, I really think that’s the best storage solution.

I didn’t want the binder or sheet protectors to go to waste, so I got to cutting. (And working in photoshop!)

I made this fun cover for my binder. When I find more time, I’ll fill it with more of the stuff I have so I can keep it as reference. Currently, I’m working on my rubber stamps. The sentiments that I strain to read, so I never use! Those ones. 🙂

So here are my magnetic folders… since the last post, you’ll notice I’ve added numbers to each folder.

I’m a visual person, I really need to see the die so I can visualize what it would look like on whatever I’m working on. But going through eight folders wasn’t really the smartest way of seeing everything I have. So I cut each and every single die… Tedious, but totally worth it. Totally.

I decided to also label each die so when I do my posts, I don’t have to search for the name or numbers of each die. I can easily reference which Spellbinder dies I have! On the photo above, you’ll see the number three- that number corresponds with the magnetic folder, so I can easily grab the folder and the die I want.

I decided to also cut the other dies I have. I need to work on a way to label each of these, but above I have dies from Papertrey Ink, Heartfelt Creations and My Favorite Things. I can’t express enough how much I love my dies.

I did a video last night, my first one in a while. But, it’s about making shaped cards. Which is a new favorite of mine. I realize it’s not a new technique, but, it’s so easy to do! So here is the card I made.

I’m going to try the inkinkz tool to show you hte products I’ve used. Fingers crossed it works as planned! 🙂

Here’s the video about making shaped cards. Hope it’s helpful, and you enjoy it!


5 thoughts on “Organization

  1. I gotta sort out my dies too – they are currently in CD cases using magnetic strips – this was fine cos you could see them all but the CD cases break so easily! Will have to invest in something else!

    Sweet card and fab tute!

  2. Thought I was the only one who liked organizing and sorting stuff. Sometimes wonder if I just like craft supplies so I can go through them and organize. Am going to try your method, though I don’t have as many as you.

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