Cared For Giveaway

My fellow crafter and friend is offering a really great deal to my readers for the next week! Her name is Rebecca Eichelberg, and she’s the owner of Cared For at They sell scented soy candles, lip balms, fingerless gloves, salves, and rubs. The best part of this giveaway? One lucky person will get a free pair of Ruby Red Fingerless Gloves, and everyone that participates will get a 15% discount off of all items. Everyone wins!

 Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  • Like, Follow, Subscribe by E-mail or blog about the Cared For Giveaway (please comment on this page with the link, so we can verify):

  • Go to her website and choose your favorite product. Then, come back here and post a comment with your favorite product and why!

Want to enter more than one time for better chances at those really sweet gloves? Just do more of the things listed above, like facebook, follow on twitter, etc. If you participate in two ways, you get two entries toward the giveaway. Participate in three ways, and you get three entries. And so it goes!

The discount code for my readers is PIXELTHIS2011, so be sure to enter that in on the payment page when you’re finishing up any orders. You’ve got a full week to enter into the giveaway and we’ll close to new entries on Friday, December 2nd. I’ll announce the winner of the giveaway on Tuesday, December 6th.

I’ll get things started:

My favorite Cared For product is the Rose Healing Salve. I use it every day on my cuticles, which used to be dry and cracked. I’m not afraid for people to see my cuticles anymore, because they’re so healthy and moisturized! I love that I can carry it around with me in case of an “oops” moment with my kids too, since it’s great on cuts, scratches and burns.

I’ve Liked on Facebook, Followed on Twitter, Subscribed by E-mail, and posted about it on my blog!

Happy shopping, and good luck!


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