Pixie Dust Studio Twilight blog hop!

Good morning! I hope you’re ready, and excited for this Pixie Dust Studio TWILIGHT blog hop! If you’ve come to my blog from Tanya’s, you’re in the right place, if not, please go back to Pixie Dust Studio’s challenge blog!

I’m really afraid to say that I have never read a Twilight book, (eeeep!) watched a Twilight movie, nor do I know anything about Twilight. I mean, of course, I know it’s vampire related… I think? The point is I have no idea who Renesemee is, BUT, I LOVE her hair, and her sweet little outfit. I thought she was adorable. So please do not confuse my using this image as picking sides for any one person over another! I love all the IMAGES equally!! 🙂


Now, I’m sure the skin color is a bit darker than that of a Vampire, but, is Renesemee a vampire?! Image is Renesemee, and can be found at Pixie Dust Studio.


Can anyone tell me what Renesemee is holding? (And who she is!!)

Skin: E11/E13.
Hair: E70/E74/E77.
Dress: R21/R24/R29/R37.
Shoes: C3/C5.
Grass: YG61/YG67.
Sky/background: BG0000/BG10/BG11.

Now, you know, NO blog hop is complete with out a prize! So… two random winners will win three images of your choice! While one lucky person will win their choice of a PIXIE PACK!

The grand prize will be awarded to the person who plays along with the Twilight challenge. The challenge will close Wednesday 11/23 at noon. The other two prizes will be awarded to those who have completed the blog hop, and leave a comment on the Pixie Dust Studio blog. NOT THE CHALLENGE BLOG. Comments will close Saturday the 19th at noon.

Now, if you’ll hop on over to Laura, I’m sure she’ll have something amazing for you!


24 thoughts on “Pixie Dust Studio Twilight blog hop!

  1. Yes,I could tell you who Renesemee is but do yourself a favor and Read the Books!
    They are Wonderful!!!!!!!!!
    I will say this—they do have vampires and werewolves but it is a Love story!—-
    You need to read the books!

  2. So, Jess, I love ya…but you gotta read the books…they are great 🙂 But I will give you a spoiler if you want it, lol….Renesemee is Bella and Edward’s daughter, and I believe she’s holding an image of Jacob’s tribe tatto….read the book for more… 🙂 Awesome image though. As always 🙂

  3. You have got to read the books… they are totally awesome.. once I started I couldn’t put them down.. but you have done a great job coloring Renesmee.. and your card is nice.. but please do yourself a favor and read the books before you watch the movies… thanks for sharing..

  4. You didn’t read the books??? tsk tsk! You should…they’re wonderful! And so is Renesmee! This image of her is adorable! I love what she’s holding…and sorry, I won’t tell you what it is. 😉 Great card!

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