Stripped socks!

Recently COLOURlovers teamed up with BetaBrand to whip up some amazingly awesome stripped socks!!

You’ll have to check out the details on the COLOURlovers blog. But the person with the most ‘loves’ can win five packs of socks!! (15 pairs) AND a $100 BetaBrand gift card!

Feel free to LOVE my patterns on the COLOURlovers website… just click the images below.

If I win I’ll give away 10 pairs of socks, to 10 different people!! So, please, if you vote, leave me a comment here to let me know you’ve voted (FOR ME), and IF I WIN, I’ll come back here and pick a winner from the comments! 🙂

Here’s what I’ve created so far…

Warm and fuzzy
Warm and fuzzy by canyoupixelthis

Kiss me, I'm Irish!
Kiss me, I’m Irish! by canyoupixelthis

And if you create your own palette and socks, feel free to leave the link here as well!! I’d love to see what you create!

If you’d like to see all the socks that have been created, GO HERE.


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