I’ve been so busy with trying to find a new place, packing, moving, unpacking, getting settled, blah blah blah. You know, all the stuff that comes along with moving. It feels great getting back to what I love! CREATING ART!

I’ve been busy playing! I created something over the weekend, and it got me thinking about other things… love it when that happens! I have Heartfelt Creation’s Posy Patch Die. I cut all seven of the flowers out of grunge paper and started cutting things up. I cut out one petal and saw a butterfly, and ran with it! Here’s the outcome…

Stamp: Heartfelt Creations Posy Patch

This I’m really excited about! I’ve recently discovered Lindy’s Stamp Gang. I firmly believe, when one door closes, another one opens. And this door couldn’t have opened fast enough! Tracey (Lindy’s daughter) has lots of my favorite products! But one new one I’ve fallen in love with! They call them “Magicals“. That they are! I’ve created some flowers using Jamaican Jungle Magicals. Have a look see…

Are they not the most gorgeous colors you have ever seen!! I just love ’em. Each flower is painted with two or three colors. Five colors come in one set. They start as a powder but can be mixed with anything. I just used a water pen, and a tiny bit of powder. When I say tiny, I mean, a very small, teeny tiny amount!! A little goes a VERY long way!

Happy Thursday my friends!! ❤


7 thoughts on “{02.23.2011}

  1. I love your blog header! So cute and fun!!
    Transition is hard. Even if its a wanted transition. Packing sucks and unpacking sucks too. But then everything will just be as it should and you’ll figure out normal again 🙂 Hang in there chickie! Keep making pretty things and you’ll find your happy place again 🙂

  2. I feel your pain…we moved immediately after Christmas and, like you, I felt crabby until everything got put away. Half of my craft stuff is in storage and so I’m constantly looking for things that I need and don’t have access to. Boo! Hang in there though – it gets better. =)

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  4. I love the flowers, you are very talented. I’m looking to hire card makers to join my stampin up business. I have been doing this for 20 years and hope to keep going until I grow old. Sherrill Graff in Las Vegas NV istmpnv@aol.com Let me know if you wish to join my team. Our Late Night Stamper group NEEDS YOU!

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