.wendy hammer and die storage.

I had an ‘awesome’ mail day today! About a week ago I won on Wendy Hammer’s blog! I was so excited to shop around her etsy shoppe, and she was so unbelievably generous!

I loved the Sky High felt embellishments. Any guesses as to what I *might* do with it? Hint hint… I make WAY too many of them!! (banner) haha!

I picked a set of three sweet rose flowers. I choose white because I can spray them with Starburst Stains to make them whatever color I want.

I couldn’t resist this bag… it’s made of felt, and the blossoms are detachable!! So I could put them in a different spot if I wanted to! Or leave them right where they are! Totally fell in love with this bag!

and the inside…

…isn’t it ADORABLE!!

Thank you so much Wendy for such an amazing giveaway! Be sure to check out her blog, and if you’re on FaceBook, become a fan!

On a different note, I’ve been asked by a few people how I store all my Spellbinder dies. After doing a google search, it seems like this is something several people wonder.

I really like the way Sharon Harnist stores her dies. In CD cases… she puts in a magnetic strip inside them so they aren’t loose in the case.

I’ve seen some people use the double sided tape as a way to store the dies in cd cases, but, I don’t like having to pull the die off of the tape- I’m always worried about bending the die. You can find Avery magnetic sheets at any office supply store or even Walmart. They are $8.00 for three 8.5″X11″ sheets, or $14.00 for five sheets. You can cut them into smaller pieces as Sharon has to get the most out of each sheet. It certainly is a very cost effective way for storing your dies.

I personally use the Quick kutz magnetic storage book. Although, it’s a little (or a lot) more expensive, I really like it. I have four books total, and NEVER pay full price for them. Hobby Lobby often has them on sale for 40% off their retail price of, (I think) $10.99- however, they often only have two books in stock at a time. Which has never been a problem for me. Anyways… here’s the inside of one…

You can see there is LOTS of room!

I really like this system because it seems like it uses the least amount of space- and my space IS limited. 🙂

There are 19 CD cases in the little box to the left of the die books. It’s a great comparison for the amount of room one takes vs. the other.

These are the dies I have in the cases- I want to give you an idea of how much these four books can hold.

Spellbinders Nestabilities- (53 dies)
Labels Two (6)
Labels Three (6)
Labels Four (6)
Labels Eleven (6)
Labels Sixteen (6)
Dahlia (6)
Small Labels (5)
Classic Scalloped Ovals SM (5)
Big Scalloped Circles SM (7)

Heartfelt Creations- (27 dies)
Springtime Medley Die (7)
Holly-Ornament Die (7)
Daisy Patch Die (5)
Posey Patch Die (7)
Decorative Window Die (1)

Papertrey Ink- (39 dies)
(I’m going to link to the stamp set so you can see the die, as oppose to the list you would otherwise see.)
Make a Wish (6)
Dress Form (1)
Banner Builder (7)
Double-Ended Banners (1)
Banner Borders (1)
Boxy Banners (2)
Mat Stack 1 Collection (1)
Warm Happiness Too (1)
Friendship Jar & Lid (1)
Jar Label (1)
Jar Toppers (1)
On Ice (1)
Gobble Gobble (1)
Leaf Print Die Collection (4)
Just the Ticket (1)
Up, Up & Away (1)
Cloud 1 & 2 (2)
Seeing Stars (link for the die page) (3)
Tea for Two (2)
Teacup (1)

For a total of 119 dies, 34 individual sets. The Spellbinder dies nest. Some of the Heartfelt Creations dies nest, but none of the Papertrey Ink dies nest.

Hope that helps!!


One thought on “.wendy hammer and die storage.

  1. Many congrats on your win! What scrummy goodies! 🙂

    PS I rather love your new blog header, you know. Or maybe it isn’t new and I’m just really unobservant?! I love it anyway! xx

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