USAQ: Mica Flakes

For the love of mica!! This time flakes.

I used a lot of materials in this project…

US Art Quest: Mica Flakes, Willeez Critters and Creatures Kit, Stargazer water color palette, Crystal Effectz, Mica Tile, and studio cloth.

I used a chipboard star and coated it with PPA glass. Then I added mica flakes onto the star one by one. Then I coated the finished star with PPA gloss. Once dry, I drizzled the PPA onto the star, and poured some Crystal Effectz onto the star to add some sparkle.

For the bottle cap, I cut a flower shape out of a mica tile. I adhered that to the bottle cap using dimensional lacquer. Then, I peeled apart one mica flake into two pieces. I laid them opposite each other in the bottle cap to form a heart, and sealed that with dimensional lacquer.

I’ve read all the emails/comments about the crayon technique… I’m going to work on a video today to show you how SIMPLE this technique really is!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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