I made a few necklaces over the weekend, they were a lot of fun, and my girls really like them. Poor Parker!! 😉

I started with Christine Honsinger’s Bottlecap Inches.
Craft Fantastic’s Dimensional Lacquer, 1 1/4″ glass circles, bails, and chain.
*The glass pieces are on sale right now for $2.75 regularly $3.50- for 10 pieces.*

I put it all together, and got this…

The next set of necklaces have been made using bottle caps. I put the image inside the bottlecap, and used a pair of pliers to make it flat since my girls would be wearing the necklaces. I used dimensional lacquer to give the cap a nice finish, and to help make any of the possibly sharp parts… not sharp.

The blue bottle cap was made using white seed beads, and Turquoise Blue Glimmer Mist. Then sealed with the Dimensional Lacquer. Easy peasy!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


6 thoughts on “Necklaces!

  1. Oh my, love the top one in particular! You could sell these, Jess 🙂 (Well, not these ones, obviously – the girls wouldn’t let you! But you could make more to sell… xx)

    1. Thanks Mel! I did put the first one up in my Etsy shoppe. That’s all new to me, so I haven’t advertised it yet, but I will. As soon as I work out all the details! If there are any? lol.

      1. Hey, exciting 🙂 I would definitely be interested in a necklace like that – make sure you let me know when you’re fully ready to go with Etsy, and I can advertise it for you too xx

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