More embossing.

I used the Stargazer Mica Watercolor Palette from US Art Quest to create a background.

I used a mica tile, and embossed it using my Sizzix, and Cuttlebug embossing folder. The piece of mica didn’t crack at all when using this folder. And after I embossed the mica, I was easily able to separate the layers.

This is the embossing folder I used for the card from yesterdays post.


5 thoughts on “More embossing.

  1. Wowza, this looks fantastic. I did get out my mica tiles last night, but I was afraid to emboss, so I just stamped on them, lol. I’m scared…. hee!
    Looks fantastic though, love your background, too!

  2. You guys are cute! Thank you for the love! Don’t be scared Lori, what’s the worse that could happen? It cracks. Or… it breaks. And if it breaks, you’ll just have to crumble it up into teeny tiny small pieces of beautiful ‘mica glitter’ pieces!!

  3. I am flabbergasted! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this technique and what you are doing.

    I will send you a bunch o’Tiles if you will run them through and send them back. (I’ll even put a pretty surprise in the package if you say yes. 😉

    I could do it myself, but we only have a couple of dies – and nothing as nice as what you are doing.

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