ScrapTiffany: Thrifty Thursday- USE YOUR SCRAPS!

I can’t deny it.


Every single little piece of paper that is trimmed.

Every single little piece of ribbon that is too short to tie in a bow.

Every single little piece of scrap.

I know I’ll use it, at some point. I WILL.

No, this is not a confession. Or the beginning of a self help group- this is ME encouraging YOU to save your scrap!!

This is why…

I recently made a mini album for a ScrapTiffany challenge: Favorite Manufacture. I love Bella Blvd. And I love that most of the papers, from every line, fit nicely together. So, why not make a layout using my scraps?

1. Take your pieces, no matter the size, and trim them to all different smaller sizes! They can be 1/8″ wide or 1″ wide if you’d like. I like to keep them long. It’s okay if the paper hangs off the edge of the background paper because you can trim it.

2. I cover a 4X6 (ish) area with adhesive. I wouldn’t suggest using glue- as it may dry before you’ve placed all of your paper.

3. Place your pre cut strips of paper in any ‘ole fashion, make sure the scrap piece is touching the adhesive when it’s placed. You wouldn’t want it to wiggle out.

4. Once you’ve covered the card stock with your scraps place a piece of paper on top of the area where you added adhesive.

5. Then add your picture(s), embellishments and journaling, and you have a beautiful layout made from scraps!

The layout below was created the same way, but using bigger scraps, and I actually used my sewing machine to attach/adhere all the layers together. You have to be careful with this because you don’t want to get adhesive in your needle. It’ll make a huge mess. So I put my adhesive more towards the center of the background page.


5 thoughts on “ScrapTiffany: Thrifty Thursday- USE YOUR SCRAPS!

  1. Absolutely adorable — AND a super-dooper way to use up all of the wonderful strips of paper I have accumulated. (as you, I save EVERY piece!)

    Love both of these and CHEESE is a perfect title for a precious photo!

  2. Sweet – the girls look so happy! I’m in a “pitching” mood when almost all goes!!! Glad to see someone saves!

  3. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

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