Tattered Angels: Glimmer Mists!

I am so sick of double buying Glimmer Mists! (Insert huff and puff here!) I’ve done it twice now! At least I have stock in the colors I really like, right? So I got a great idea!

I bought a sketch book at the local book store.

I cut a shape out of piece of chipboard, and used the chipboard as a mask… or, is it a reverse mask? AKA: A stencil? Either way…

I used a pen to outline the shape. There were a few times where I didn’t allow enough time for the mist to dry- and you can see I used the wrong pen, and it bled everywhere!

My sketchbook has tons of blank pages, just waiting to be colored, misted, painted and sketched upon! I’ll share more as I complete more. Feel free to share what you’ve done, or any ideas you have in the comment section. And feel free to link to your blogs!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

(Don’t forget to check out the Copic Club if you haven’t already.)


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