ScrapTiffany- Hijack: Embellie Gellie.

Hello out there!

I’m always on the look out for things to help makae life a little easier… well, how about the Embellie Gellie. Have you heard of it?

This neat little contraption is approximately $6.00 and is used for “placing gems and jewels, buttons, beads, sequins, charms, punched shapes, confetti, die cuts and so much more.” (According to the package that is.) I stopped in at a local craft store, which no joke, specializes in googley eyes… I had no idea there were so many available! Anyways, I picked up this fun little tool and it’s really quite simple. It’s a stick… and some tacky stuff!

The directions suggest molding a pearl sized ball of Gellie and placing it onto the flat end of the wooden stick. (Provided in the small kit.) Then you’re supposed to gently touch the embellishment so that it clings to the Gellie. It’s a windy day here in Texas, and I took this photo outside… with the Gellie stick/flower in the air so my silly camera could focus… and it didn’t budge!

I checked out some of the videos on Scraperfect’s website, and one of the things they talk about in the videos is using the Gellie to attach your ‘bling’ to the page. Usually I use tweezers, and it’s a huge pain in the butt! I always misplace the ‘bling’ and when I want to reposition it, one of two things happen… 1.) it tears my paper or 2.) it goes flying in the air!!

I found this really awesome video from Taylored Expressions… have a look see…

I’ve contacted Amy, the owner of ScraPerfect and she is offering ScrapTiffany readers a free Embellie Gellie with a $30.00 purchase! She has some really cool stuff in her shop, like the perfect printing pouch. In the notes at check out, you’ll have to enter “JessSTPost” and Amy will throw in the Embellie Gellie! This offer is good until June 1st, 2010!

Here’s a video for the perfect printing pouch. It’s kinda fun too!


3 thoughts on “ScrapTiffany- Hijack: Embellie Gellie.

    1. The wax for braces is too tacky–it picks things up but doesn’t release them like this stuff does. (I tried it. Same with Beeswax.) Vodka looks like water–but looks can be deceiving. Luv this stuff (and their glue too)!

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