iKari- Gotcha Covered!

I’m a mac.

I love anything that starts with an “i” followed by a capital letter… such as, iMac, iPod, iPad… etc.

The fact that I absolutely adore iKari should come as no surprise! She’s clever and creative! Did I mention, much more affordable than any Apple product out there?

You can see her shop here, at Jessica Sprague.com

Gramma’s birthday is coming up, and she’ll be 63 (again) so I made her a paint can. Perfect for mailing! I know the contents wont get damaged!

I got the paint can at Lowes for less than $5.00. And putting it together was a cinch with Kari’s Gotcha Covered- Paint Can template!

I used Crystal Wilkerson’s Sweet Summertime papers to decorate the template.

It was super quick and easy, required very little trimming, and it’s a perfect fit!

I used great tape to adhere the paper to the paint can. Did you know the more layers of great tape you use, the stronger the bond? So I put two layers on the edges to make sure it wouldn’t peel up! Great tape also fits in your ATG gun… and we all know how much I love my ATG gun!!


2 thoughts on “iKari- Gotcha Covered!

  1. Love, love, LOVE this idea. I saw this in a magazine a while back and have been meaning to try it. Now I know where to purchase the template!!

  2. I *LOVE* the way your paint can turned out!!!! This template is one I’ve had on the brain for a while and you created exactly what I pictured 😀 I’m a Mac, too, and am completely on the same page when it comes to all things Apple 😉 Thanks for the “shout out” and awesome paint can … now to check out the great tape you linked – I’ve got an ATG gun, too ….

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