ScrapTiffany: Glitter and Bling

This week over at ScrapTiffany the challenge was “Glitter and Bling.” For most, that wouldn’t be a problem. For me however, I don’t do glitter… I have never liked the way it flaked off when touched, or the mess it made when pulling a card covered in glitter out of an envelope.

Materials used: PPA, Mica D’Lights, an old book, my favorite Jewelz Mica Pigment color (reflex violet), some purple bling, and a chipboard letter.

I covered the chipboard letter in PPA, then covered it with pages from an old book. I lightly covered it with white paint. Once dry, I covered it with two different shades of the same blue Mica D’Light color, and PPA. Once dry, I covered it again with PPA and silver Mica D’Lights.

Then I did yet another coat of PPA and added some of my absolute favorite Jewelz Mica Pigments color… reflex violet!

I actually stapled the ribbon on, it seemed the most secure.

I especially love that you can see the book page through the mica d’lights and reflex violet.

Did I mention this is coated with LOTS of PPA? Nothing is rubbin’ off that G!!

Happy Monday friends!!


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