Stamp Storage

I have seen several different ways to store stamps, one involving an old window pane. I however have used an 8X8 acrylic album from Clear Scraps. Each album comes with five pages and three rings. I’ve had to put in bigger rings since combining the two albums. The album is $12.99 not including shipping.

I’ve tied ribbon over the hinge part so it doesn’t go through the holes of the album and create unnecessary wear/stress on the album.

I can fit four stamps on each page for a total of 40, 4X6 stamps, in the entire book.

You can clean wood mounted stamps the same way I’ve cleaned the clear acrylic stamps in THIS post. While working the show in Michigan I over heard some women talking about putting their wood mounted stamps in the microwave at attempts to separate the wood from the actual stamp itself. I’ve done a little research on google to find something to help with those who have wood mounted stamps they wish to separate. You can check out THIS post by Susan Peteres for more information. Hope it helps!!

Have some fun home decor stuff coming tomorrow!!


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