Stamp cleaners…

One thing we talked a lot about at Mega Meet was how to clean your stamps. The four stamps photographed below were stamps we used at Mega Meet. We used Versa Fine ink and Jewelz Mica Pigments. (Which you can find on all four stamps!)

The stamps above have not been washed or “pretreated” with anything. The stamps below have been washed with Dawn dish soap and warm water. You can see they are still dirty, but not nearly as bad as they were.

After washing with soap and water, and still having color on the stamps, I decided to use some stamp cleaner. I used “stazon all purpose cleaner.” I wasn’t scrubbing to get them clean, I sprayed it directly on the stamp, used my hand and washed the stamp as if I was washing my hands. Seems to have done a pretty good job.

If I would have cleaned the stamps right after using them, they would have come clean with just soap and water but the ink sat on the stamps for several days.

There is one ink I absolutely do NOT recommend to ANYONE. It has stained one of my stamps and is absolutely impossible to clean. I have tried, soap and water, stazon cleaner, even a magic eraser!! NOTHING WORKED!! Anyways, the ink pad is called “Ancient Page.” I’ve only worked with it that one time, and I did try cleaning the stamp right after using it.

I found a really awesome (and affordable) way to store my stamps. I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of that, and details where you can buy the products if interested!


2 thoughts on “Stamp cleaners…

  1. I need to sort through my stamps, some of them really need to be cleaned. I’ll be looking out for your storage solution with interest too! How about wood-mounted rubber stamps? Any tips for cleaning those up? xx

  2. Hi there.. I just found your site from the new design team your on. I was sent an email about it. I love those animal spirit stamps you are using. I mean LOVE them.

    I was surprised to read that you don’t like Ancient Page ink. I use the black and chocolate versions of it often because of it’s awesome waterproof coverage when I’m wanting to use watercolors or other wet solubles over it. I’ve never had a problem cleaning it from my stamps, though I do clean them right away and use a baby wipe or just mildly soapy water. On the ones that have been slightly stained, that is all they are…slightly stained. None of the ink comes off on subsequent stamps, nor has it caused harm to my stamp.

    hehe I know we all have our preferences in inks in this huge creative world we’re in. I was just shocked to see someone not liking what has become my favorite waterproof variety after trying several on the market.

    Warmest blessings to you and happy creating! May added inspiration surge through you with the upcoming summer solstice. 🙂


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