ScrapTiffany- Hijack!

Today I’ve hijacked Tiffany’s blog! Be sure to check out !!

Last week I worked in Michigan at the Great Lakes Mega Meet, holy cow, it was INSANE!! I did some make and takes for a company called Earth Art International. US Art Quest kindly donated Jewelz Mica Pigments (similar to Pearl Ex). I didn’t realize how many people actually HAVE Pearl Ex, but have no idea how to use it, or what to do with it. (Do you see where this is going yet?)

Today, I’m hijacking Tiffany’s blog to tell you about Jewelz Mica Pigments!! Are you excited?

I’ve gathered my materials, Super Bronze Pearl Ex, Versa Mark, FLAT/SMOOTH black card stock, Coyote stamp from Earth Art International and stamp block (Unity Stamp Co.).

Not photographed, Handy Clip, AppliQates, and a paintbrush!

I’ve applied Versa Mark to my stamp and then stamped the image on the black card stock.

I carefully dipped the cotton ball into the Pearl Ex then I dropped some of the Pearl Ex over the stamped image. Making sure to push it down, instead of swirling it around… I did that to avoid smearing the image.

Using a paint brush, I wiped off the access Pearl Ex and was left with this beautiful image.

The fun doesn’t stop there!! You can also use Pearl Ex to create a background!!

It was difficult to get step by step photos of this process, but I’ll try my best to walk you through it… I feel a video coming in the near future! 😉

I covered the entire area of the card with Versa Mark.

Then I dropped three different colors of Jewelz Mica Pigments onto the covered area.

Over top of those three colors I dropped some “Crystal Copperstone Effectz“.

I used a paint brush to spread the pigments over the card. Paint in the same direction with each stroke, in this case, I painted left to right, each time ending at the top right corner. I covered my stamp with Versa Mark and stamped the image onto the card again, resulting in the image below.

Here is the exact same technique on a piece of black card stock.

All stamps in this post are Earth Art International. They always offer free shipping, and if you buy five stamps, you receive one free!

Currently US Art Quest is having an open stock sale on all of their Jewelz Mica Pigments.

And… if you leave a comment on this post, one lucky person will win some Jewelz Mica Pigments from US Art Quest and a stamp from Earth Art International! (For an extra a chance to win, head over to and post a comment there too!)

Thanks for reading!!


8 thoughts on “ScrapTiffany- Hijack!

  1. Hey! Just signed up to get notifications of your blogs…

    So….besides online ordering is there any place (craft store, etc.) that carries the Jewels Mica Pigments? Need to pick some up ASAP 🙂

  2. Have you seen my stash? Not only do I have Pearl Ex (used once) but I have those stamps (at the 5/4 deal) and I can’ t color inside them like the artist but I love them! I am so excited to use them in this beautiful way. Thank you so very much for this technique and for the chance to win!

  3. Wow I’ve never seen this Pearl Ex it’s amazing. I knew I lived in the middle of no-where but didn’t know I’d missed this. Would love to win or else I’m going to have to travel over 100 miles to my nearest craft store. Thanks for the chance.

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