.update overload.

So, did anyone who subscribes to my blog notice that I totally forgot the “e” on manufacture? OR… that it should have been manufacturer? Please forgive me… I’m exhausted! Three blog posts in three days… this is shaping up to be a great week!

Moving right along… National Scrapbook Day is coming up… quick! To celebrate, there is tons of stuff going on over at JessicaSprague.com we’re getting the party started early… like… NOW!! So go check it out…

And if you didn’t get the memo, the wonderful Tiffany, of ScrapTiffany, is on the search for the next ScrapTiffany Design Team!

You have until June 13th to submit your application… it’s coming up quick, so get ready!! She is accepting designers from all over the world! Including ones who have never been on a design team before!

More details HERE.

AND… if you’re a friend of Susan (Sue) Pickering Rothamel on Facebook, you’ll see she announced Julie Murray as USAQ’s new Design Team Leader! Which means… US Art Quest MAY be having a design team call soon… Find Sue on FaceBook to keep up with the latest and greatest, or sign up for the newsletters!

I leave Wednesday (the 5th) for Michigan. I’ll be there with Earth Art International doing make and takes! We have lots of fun stuff planned for you- be sure to stop by and visit us if you’re in the area. We might even have… chocolate!! 😉 You’ll get to meet the wonderful, and amazing, Sue and Frank Coccia! (The artist behind the Animal Spirit Stamps.) Bring your camera, and your autograph pen, she’s absolutely incredible! Frank too!

Make and takes will be $4.00- $2.00 of that will be credited back towards your purchase of anything at the Earth Art booth! We have lots of fun techniques, tricks, and tips for you, so come prepared! We’re also going to start doing videos, so if you do not remember everything you’ve learned at the show, no worries!! I’ve gotcha covered!!

With that, I’m going to try and get some sleep… I’ve rambled on enough! Be sure to apply for the ST DT!! AND… check out JS for the scrapbook day!!

Did you get all the way through the post? CONGRATULATIONS!! Leave a comment, I’ll email you some goodies I’ve been working on!! ❤ (You might not get the email until next week… when I’m sitting at the airport… but darn it… you’ll get it!)


4 thoughts on “.update overload.

  1. Busy times 🙂 But it’s lovely to see lots of posts from you, hun! Wish I could come see you next week but it’s just a little bit too far for me…. 😉 Have a fabby time though, and tell us all about it when you get back! xx

  2. LOVE all you do, Jessica — and I’d absolutely adore to be in Michigan to do the Make ‘n Takes (and, of course, BUY!!).

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  3. Hi!
    I’m a new on your blog and have been enjoying it. Wish I could be in Michigan to attend the show. However, I am at CKU in Manchester (where I think I first met Jessica Sprague). Have a fun time! Patricia

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