Jessica Sprague: Sitting Pretty Frame

I’m so excited about this (no, not two blog posts in one sitting… funny)!

I saw a class recently, I really wanted to take it, but truth be told, I am not able to afford a $75 class. So, I took the idea, and recreated my own version. Not as snazzy, but it was MUCH less than $75. And I even have enough “stuff” left over to make a few more as gifts!

I used Sitting Pretty Paper Pack and some chipboard pieces. (Likely Fancy Pants.)

I bought a ready made frame ($12.00) and some chicken wire… my hubby stapled the wire onto the frame. I easily could have done it, it just kept him busy for a few minutes! 😉 I also bought a small package of clips… so I can hang whatever notes, paper scraps, pictures (etc) that I’d like to keep!


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