Jessica Sprague

I have a ton of Jessica Sprague related news!

First, I was yesterday’s Hybird Hotshot! Which means, I won $5.00 to use towards anything in her shoppe, including classes!

Because I love my readers so much, I thought I’d give away that $5.00 gift certificate. How does that sound?

Leave a comment here, telling me what you’d use your $5.00 for. Remember… it goes a long way in the digital world! I’ll pick a winner on… Wednesday March 31st.

Also, I’ve started designing for Jessica Sprauge! You can check out the team HERE or follow the links below!






Hope you all have a great weekend! Alex and I are going to the Josh Turner concert tomorrow night, I couldn’t be more excited. Except… it’s at 10:30 pm. I’m praying I can stay awake long enough! Gosh I’m getting… o. l. d. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Jessica Sprague

  1. You were definitely my pick, too, as I forwarded your beautiful butterfly design to four friends. We are using butterflies for our Spring Luncheon theme — and WOW!

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