.National Craft Month.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I hope you’re wearing green!! 😉

Did you know this month is “National Craft Month?”

Every Wednesday in the month of May someone fabulous is sharing their, tips, tricks and secrets with you at ScrapTiffany.

This Wednesday, which happens to be St. Patrick’s Day… I’m sharing my tips, tricks and secrets with you about doing some hybrid scrapbooking!

I made a St. Patrick’s Day banner…

I used a large four leaf clover die from AccuCut to cut five pieces of Museum Board.

Then I downloaded Dianne Rigdon’s “Lucky Day” digital kit from ScrapArtist. While there, I downloaded Nancie Rowe Janitz’s “Ole Ireland Mini Kit.”

Before I printed anything, I checked three things…

1.) The quality! I always make sure my “media type” and “mode” are set correctly. It makes a HUGE difference! Always set the project to print at the best possible quality, so you’ll have the best results once printed.

2.) I always select a borderless print.

3.) I always, always… did I mention always? FILL PAGE! So the pattern coverers the ENTIRE page, and not just part of it, as pictured above.

First, I opened the Ole Ireland mini kit and selected three pattern papers I wanted to print. I printed 1 Shamrock page, 2 Stout pages, and 1 Stripes page.

Second, To cut a shamrock shape I used the accucut die, and cut the museum board, but you could use a cereal box, chipboard, acrylic, etc. You can also draw your own shape if you do not have a die cutting machine.

Third, I adhered the Stout paper to the shamrock shape using Perfect Paper Adhesive. (Trim the paper to match the shamrock shape.) Then I used VersaMagic Tea Leaves to ink the edges of the shamrock.

Fourth, cut Stripe paper into 1.5″ strips. Distress one side using Tonic Paper Distresser, if desired.

Fifth, fold one stripe piece at a time, distressed side out, into a circle. When the circle is complete, staple, glue, or tape to hold the shape.

Sixth, attach the circle to the shamrock. Since we’ll be putting a punched circle over the center, I stapled my circles to the shamrock. Be sure to staple in an area that will be covered should you wish to staple the two.

Seven, I picked the letters I wanted to use to spell out the word “LUCKY” and placed them on top of the Shamrock pattern paper. Using my green Maya Mist, I sprayed the letters on top of the paper. This gave me two options.

1.) to use the letters I had sprayed…

2.) to use the Shamrock paper after spraying the letter on it…

(I choose option one!)

Eight, I used a scalloped circle punch to punch out a ‘matte’ for each letter. I used the same VersaMagic Tea Leaves ink to ink the edges of the scalloped circle.

Nine, attach the letter to the scalloped circle. Even if the letters are already sticky, I recommend using glossy accents to make sure those letters aren’t going to fall off. (Better safe than sorry!)

Ten, attach the scalloped circle shamrock, centered on top of the circle. I used a 3-D pop dot to make it “pop” a little.

This is what my layers look like…

Eleven, attach each shamrock to a long string of ribbon. (I used staples again to attach the two.)

Twelve, print Dianne Rigdon’s Rainbow from her “Lucky Day” kit. I printed six rainbows, but was only able to attach four. (Again using staples! Can you blame me? They are so quick and easy!)

Twelve, hang and enjoy!

Thank you AccuCut for sponsoring this project!


3 thoughts on “.National Craft Month.

  1. No green, sorry….. I’m wearing blue and purple today! Why is it that St Patrick’s Day is less of a deal in a country just a few miles from Ireland?!

    Anyway, this is a scrummy project 🙂

    PS Will reply to emails – stupidly busy this week. Haven’t forgotten you x

  2. The colors of the day are green and orange (green is for catholic christian and orange is for protestant christian) – the irish flad is green, white, orange (white for peace between the religious factions) your social studies lesson for the day!!!! Have a good one and kiss the kids!

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