.plate tutorial.

Okay, are you ready! I am. This took absolutely no time at all. The longest part of the whole thing, picking the darn sticker off the back of the plate. Oh, and waiting for it to dry!

You’ll need four things.
1. paintbrush.
2. clear plate.
3. PPA in gloss
4. 1 piece of 12X12 paper- anything smaller is a pain in the bum.

Step one.
Peel off the sticker! If you need to use Goo Gone, do it. You don’t want to leave even a little smidgen of sticky anything, or you’ll be disappointed with the finished piece.

Step two.
Apply a generous amount of PPA (perfect paper adhesive) to the ENTIRE plate.

Step three.
Wet your paper. Really.

Step four.
Wring out the paper.

Step five.
CAREFULLY open it up.

Step six.
Spread the wet paper out over the plate. CAREFULLY! 🙂

Step seven.
Make sure to look at the plate to see what you’re going to have on the other side- after you’re done doing all this work, you don’t want to flip it to find out you didn’t get it exactly how you wanted! You’ll have a little time. It really takes the PPA a while to dry when you’re using as much as I did! It’s great, it allows you time to achieve the look you’re going for.

Step eight.
Once you’ve got the pattern where you want it, apply more PPA. Make sure you cover the entire plate. See the tear in my paper? I wasn’t very careful. 😦 That’s okay though, it adds character!

Step nine.
Don’t be afraid to get dirty! Put your fingers in and smooth it out. You can feel the air bubbles, you really want to smooth those out. So start at the top and work them out by pushing them to the bottom.

You can look at the plate as you’re doing this. I put the plate up to the light and this is what I see…

Air bubbles! Argh! That’s okay! I can concentrate on the areas I need to push out. The PPA will dry clear too by the way.

Step ten.
I place the plate upside down to allow it to dry nicely. I don’t want to trim the paper now, because it will likely rip the paper.

After trimming the paper, this is what I’ve got! I’ve not cleaned the plate, so you can see my fingers prints on it. It is NOT dishwasher safe. If you apply enough PPA you will be okay to use the plate, and hand wash it.

Ew, I just noticed my finger prints are ALL over the plate. Oh well. It’s nearly one am… I’m not going back to it tonight!!

Thanks for looking! Don’t forget to check out yesterdays post to see if you’ve won the gift certificates, and enter to win the banner. Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to cover the picture frame!

Happy Tuesday!!


5 thoughts on “.plate tutorial.

  1. I think this would work well for the ornaments I was doing to, if instead of photo’s I used paper. Very cool. I think I’ll try this one.

  2. I wish I would have thought of this before! The tops of my cabinets here would look really nice with decorative plates (and this way I could choose the designs easier!) but we’ll be moving later this year so I’ll have to see if it will work whenever we get to our new house. Thanks!

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