.JS Digital- Kohls.

Okay so this isn’t my first digital layout. But it certainly looks like it, doesn’t it!

I’m currently taking Jessica Sprague’s digital scrapbooking classes. I started with Up and Running with Photoshop! I’ve learned so much, I had to go back through it a second time. The classes are incredible. Then I took Now We’re Rockin’ with Photoshop! which was another incredible class. The thing about Jessica’s classes is, she offers index cards for each class! They are great to refer back to when you forget something but KNOW it was something you learned in class!

Anyways, here’s my first layout now that I know what I’m doing!

Journaling reads: “A quick trip accors the street to Kohls and we got not one, but TWO new bed sets for less than $50.00! The best part is, you each got to pick out your own! You were both so excited you wouldnt even let me carry the bags!”

Products used:
Sweet Elements frame 01, frame 02, paper label 03.
Sweet Papers paper 19.
Tabby Tabs blank sepia tab.
June 2009 Au’ Natural Elements doodled flower brush, button flower 01.


5 thoughts on “.JS Digital- Kohls.

  1. Looks very professional to me 🙂 I want to get into digi!! I love the idea of it and I love the results but I can’t quite get there myself lol….

  2. Great to see the bedspreads! Both girls look sooooo excited to “deck” out their beds!!! Hope all is well! Snow day yesterday!!!

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