First, let me tell you about Brenda! She’s amazing!

She has made these beautiful pages, and is giving them to us! GIVING them! You can download them to your computer and print them. Very simple.

There are 14 FREE DOWNLOADS (7 of the of the downloads are months) to put together something that works for YOUR lifestyle !

Since this is the third year Brenda has put together a calendar, I thought I would show you 2009 and 2008. **EDITED TO ADD 2010 AND 2011.

I have an amazingly talented friend who sews. She and I often trade crafts, since I know paper better than fabric and vice versa. She loves altered journals, and anything she can write in or on, so I thought I would give her the paper napkin “folder” I made last week. In addition to Crystal Wilkerson’s scheduler and meal planner, I’ve printed out Brenda’s beautiful pages!

Here’s a picture of the APRON she made. And the JOURNAL I made her. Not exactly practical, so I’m shooting for practical and reusable this time!

I used the “bind it all” to bind the pages at the top. I also put a thick, sturdy piece of chipboard at the very back of all the pages to make it easier to write on. It also allows me to stick the chipboard piece in the pocket allowing ease when flipping through months, and making notes of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

Be sure to leave Brenda a comment and tell her I sent you- we’re trying to get her to make another year! 😉


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  1. Look how cute yours turned out! I’ll say again that you’re very clever to put the binding at the top…less punching and binding supplies but it also looks very workable. And paired with the meal planner pages, it’s every organizers dream. Thanks for the kind words on the planner…I’m happy to share.

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