.no way!.

Let me start by saying, “I never win anything.” I truly despise people who say that. I don’t feel inclined to “pick” you when you tell me you’ve never won, and you won’t be surprised when you don’t win on my blog. (For future reference.)

With CHA being last week, there were TONS of companies hosting several giveaways on their blogs. I follow, but don’t usually try my hand at winning. My family always tells me, “if you didn’t have bad luck, you wouldn’t have any luck at all!” Now, that’s stretching it a little, but… let me tell you.

We moved from an apartment to a house. We’ve moved several times so moving was no big deal. I thought we would transfer everything as normal, and I did. Except, we live in an area that only select companies service. In fact, only ONE electric provider, ONE cable company and ONE phone company etc. Because of this, these companies charge a ridiculous amount of money to use their service- in fact, we have to pay a $500 deposit to have electricity. Just to have it turned on! Our credit does not matter, our payment history with our previous company does not matter. On top of that, Alex tried to use the ice machine this morning and it spit water at him. He opened the freezer door and EVERYTHING melted. Our food… thawed. Our fridge/freezer, WARM. I swear, for every good thing, three bad things happen!

When I saw that Making Memories was giving away FOUR slice design cards, I nearly hit the floor! They requested no more than five entries per person. So, I entered my five. Then I got to thinking- they didn’t limit five entries per house! So I called Alex and asked that he enter the giveaway too! I always leave meaningful, thought out comments. Not to mention POSITIVE!

Out of 632 comments, my dear, sweet, loving hubby won!! AHHHHHH!! I’m still SO excited!! I’ll be sure to post a picture and let everyone know what design cards I received. That was a big question- WHAT CARDS WOULD YOU WIN!


More exciting news to come… soon!! Very soon. Very, VERY exciting!

Did I mention, my girlfriend won the giveaway just before me? Yup! She wont the entire Flutter line! YAY MICHELLE!!

Here’s a look at all the new design cards coming from Making Memories, for the Slice! Not to mention the “hands free” kit for the Slice! Can’t wait to get that!


5 thoughts on “.no way!.

  1. Yay US!!

    P.S. I NEVER win ANYTHING!! Ah hahaha, I couldn’t resist. Sorry about your freezer. That just flat out SUCKS!! Good thing you have FOUR slice cards coming your way to cheer you up 🙂 Love yoU!

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