.(freebie) paper pad.

Going to keep it short and sweet tonight. I’m offering a freebie. Nothing spectacular, but it’s fun! I made a cover for this cute little note pad. I recycled some paper I wasn’t going to use, or didn’t have a use for, put a hole in the center and put it on a ring! Easy peasy! Perfect for all the little hands in my house, my purse or taking to conventions to jot notes down!

Okay, to save the image, right-click, and “save to computer” (unless you have a mac, then just drag and drop to your desk top). When you print it, I recommend printing at 3.5″X3.5″ and you can print six on one piece of paper! Have fun!


One thought on “.(freebie) paper pad.

  1. Love the look of your notebook 🙂 I can’t see the image to save though? *puzzled* When I right click I don’t get given the option to save it, either…. That is, I get the usual menu, but the ‘Save Picture As’ option is disabled?

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