Last week we made the crayons using the silicone mold from Target. Well, the molds melted right along with the crayons! The mold also had crayon stains on the mold- which I love! So, I decided to do something with it. I used PPA gloss and filled each heart with just enough PPA to seal the crayon.

I bought a 12X12 canvas, slathered it with PPA and adhered the paper. Once that was try, I put some PPA on the back of four hearts and laid it on the paper. Then I put the bottle of PPA on the mold to add some weight, make sure nothing shifted. I let it sit over night and this is what I was left with…

Now, I’m debating on adding embellishments… like flowers, maybe some broken crayons… or whole crayons… hm… Any suggestions?

It’s almost the weekend… thank goodness!! I need it!!


2 thoughts on “.reduce.reuse.recycle.

  1. Oh wow, that’s stunning! 🙂 I don’t know if it needs anything – I wondered if perhaps you would be able to display it somewhere so there’s space in front of it, like on a shelf or table top or something, and strew a few crayons or crayon pieces just in front? That would look cool! 🙂

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