People often say, they aren’t sure how to subscribe to my blog, I’m going to make it really easy for you!

(If you want an email every time I post something, skip to the second picture!)

In the top right corner, just above my header it says Feeds: Posts Comments

Click on “POSTS.”


A little window will open (at least on Windows 7 it does!) asking you what you’d like to save my feed as. I usually save using the person’s name, and their blog. So… Jessica Griffin: Can You Pixel This

In that same window it also asks you if you want to “add to favorites bar”. You HAVE to check the box if you want to do that.

To view the feed you’ve subscribed to, click on the FAVORITES button, and then click on FEEDS.

Voilà! Quick easy done!

You can now subscribe to ANYONES feed!

If you’d rather get emails of my “posts” follow the directions below!

It’s very simple, enter your email address and then click on SIGN ME UP! You will have to confirm that you’ve signed up to receive emails from me. You may have to check your spam/junk email for this confirmation email. (You can mark the email as “NOT SPAM” and it should go to your inbox from now on!) Follow the link to WordPress (provided in the email) and you’ll start receiving emails from me! You can also control the times you would like to receive them. Immediately, Daily between six am and 8 am or Weekly on Monday between six and eight am! I aim to please!! 😉

Any questions at all please feel free to email me at

Now, GO SUBSCRIBE!! You might get something sweet if you let me know you’ve done it!! 😉


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