.Franklin Covey.

Oh how I love Franklin Covey! Let me count the ways! Unfortunately with a family of five and one income… my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to love Franklin Covey AS much as before! I still have my beautiful pink leather binder however. Every now and again I consider purchasing refills for it… but I have no need! I mean, what stay at home mom has a Franklin Covey planner? I don’t need a reminder that it’s “time” for breakfast… or play dates! I don’t have THAT much on my calendar. My big… 12X12 monthly calendar. I have more bills on it than doctors or play dates as of late!

Anyways, with all the design team work, blogging, and shows in my future… I figure, it’s time to get it together! While most people probably prefer their PDA- I like good ole fashion pen and paper! (I even picked up a pack of pencils! Ohhh… we’re livin’ on the edge!)

Okay so enough blah blah blah… girlfriend of mine introduced me to Crown Bindery. She has made… and sells PDF’s of stuff that gets your life together! Best part is, I spent $10.00 and can use mine year after year… after year!

But first, I made one for my girlfriend! Check out how thick it is! It’s a full years worth of “stuff”. Now, I’m trying to decide how to bind it… any suggestions? Please!!


7 thoughts on “.Franklin Covey.

  1. Hmm, Bind it All would be my first suggestion. I too loved Franklin Covey in my working days (well, out of the house working days) . . . pen and paper is so much better than PDAs!

  2. Franklin who? Sorry… Is this an American thing?

    Me, I just love ginormous book rings, but I guess you’d need several to fit this lot together! I’m off to check out that site now and see just how strong my resolve to do less online shopping really is…. 😉

  3. PDA’s dont work for me either. I dont remember anything unless I write it down myself. What a great gift for your friend.

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