Earth Art International

What a fabulous weekend! I had so much fun working the show in Grapevine with Marco’s Paper and US Art Quest! I just might be going back again in July! Wouldn’t that be awesome! Better brush up on my “quick, easy, done!” Of course I’ll keep you updated- you’ll be the first to know!

While in Grapevine I met a fabulous woman by the name of Sue Coccia, and her very supportive and enthusiastic husband, Frank! Sue is the artist behind Earth Art International stamps. I’m going to start doing some design work with her beautiful acrylic stamps! If you’re going to CHA, you’ll see my work there!

The intricate designs in each stamp are absolutely incredible. Not to mention the quality of the stamp itself. Although it’s acrylic, it’s extremely durable.

I’ll be posting some of my work, along with the details of products I’ve used in the next few weeks. Mean time, check out Earth Art International where you can purchase stamps, jewelry, and other fabulous works of art!

Right now one stamp is $14.00 and when you buy five, you receive a sixth stamp… FREE!

*You can click on the frog to the right of this post and it will link you directly to Earth Art International! Be sure to tell them Jessica sent you!


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