Home Depot: January 2nd

We went to Home Depot to look at carpets. While there, I had over heard an employee talking about activities for children, including balloons, cookies, hot dogs etc. A few isles over I saw a couple of kids walking around in “mini” Home Depot aprons. We purchased a can of “whoopsie” paint for $1.00- can’t beat it! (I LOVE those. I will go to Home Depot just to raid the “whoopsie” paints!) While checking out I asked about the activities I’d heard about. Turns out, the first Saturday of every month Home Depot offers free activities for children. Did you catch that… I said: FREE!

We headed back to the “children’s” area and got “checked in” so to speak. The kids (all three) received an apron… a pin featuring the date and activity for the month and the activity!

The area is set up to allow the children to construct the project at Home Depot- they were fully equipped with wood glue and SEVERAL young children hammering… didn’t seem safe! So we decided to take our projects home.

We’ve only put together one calendar so far, but the girls did do it! (The calendar is the project of the month at this specific store.) They used the can of whoopsie paint as well as a few other colors from my stash. They’re so lucky to have such a crafty mom- and have all of these wonderful things at their finger tips!

Gabriella is SO proud of this calendar, she’s SLEEPING with it. That’s right, it’s in her bed right now, with her… right next to her pillow. It’s as if she fell asleep looking at it!

Anyways, here are some before and after shots. (We did paint the calendar BEFORE putting it together, despite Alex’s recommendation!!)

The “blue” is the whoopsie! Isn’t it a beautiful color? I also used some PPA gloss to seal the stickers.

The next free Home Depot “thing” is Saturday February 6th- and each Home Depot has a different project!


2 thoughts on “Home Depot: January 2nd

  1. Wow! Nice one 🙂 Must try to find a local store that does some such good things for my The Children…

    Sorry I’ve neglected your blog lately, but I haven’t forgotten you 😉 Hope you had a fab Christmas, and all the best for 2010 xx

  2. Love the calendar! I can just see Gabbi sleeping with her calendar! It’s fun to watch the creativity of kids and how proud they are of their accomplishments! Miss you all!

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