.Tidbits of T.

Today Kristi posted a layout she did using some of the bingo cards I made! It’s super cute, and fun!

I know I had more to post today, but my brain is fried! I did re-do day one of my December Daily. I’ll photograph it tomorrow.

Sweet little Gabriella received a hair cut today and Emmelia received a trim. Gabriella OFTEN cuts Emmelia’s hair. In fact the last time that happen I told Gabriella… “if you cut Emmelia’s hair again I’m going to shave your head like daddy’s.” Well… Emmelia received an unwelcome trim, so Gab received the same.

I did NOT shave her head, but I did cut her hair really short. She wants long hair… “big hair” as she calls it. So I hit her where it hurts in hopes that she understands that it’s not okay to cut anyones hair.

Sorry for the really lame post! But check out Kristi, she has fun stuff for you!!

Night friends! 🙂


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