So much going on, so little time to blog! Sorry!

I was asked to join the Scrap Tiffany design team! I’ll be working with several great people like Kristi Egle, Sheri TwingBree Tetz, Vicki Canning, Keely Yowler, Rebecca Keppel, and Sandi McCarthy-Roberts.

And, here’s a few photos of what I’m working on. My December Daily album. They’ve changed a little since I’ve taken these photos, but you can see what has consumed my life over the last week! I had originally ordered digital tags from Shabby Chic Crafts but was very disappointed with the quality. So I had to make my own tags… mind you I’m not at all familiar with Photoshop or Illustrator enough to do this on my own. Either way, I’m fairly happy with the results, though I wish the book was complete.

I believe I’ll wait until the “day” to number my pages… haven’t decided 100% yet. Wait till you see the cover!! It’s adorable!! I don’t want to give away my secret just yet. Have a few finishing touches to add… 🙂

I’ll post each page as it’s complete with the products used for each page.

Sorry I’m so scattered, lots going on around me as usual, and I want to make sure I get everything down!


2 thoughts on “.UPDATE.

  1. That’s very cute! I’ve been preparing mine for awhile now too and I’m so excited to finally be able to start it tomorrow!!! I have so much stuff I’ve accumulated I know I won’t even get to use half of it!

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