HIH 1&2

I signed up for Jessica Sprague’s “Holiday in Hands” last week some time, sign up closes tonight so be sure to sign up. The class is free! I’ve taken a few of Jessica’s classes and have loved them. Very well thought out and organized.

Class starts today, and we already have two assignments. She’s a slave driver! 😉

Assignment one is to write down (or blog) our values and goals for this Christmas. Since I type faster than I write, I’ll be posting my assignments on my blog. Lucky you!

Alex and I spoke about this last night actually. We decided that we’ll continue the tradition of watching the 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family, as a family. Alex wants to put up Christmas lights this year (the outside) since we’re actually IN a house! We will also put up our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, after the kids have all gone to bed! The excitement of waking up to a house fully transformed is very, very exciting! We will also make a gingerbread house, as well as several different types of cookies!

As I’ve mentioned before, we only celebrate Christmas every other year. We’re trying to teach the kids that Christmas isn’t about presents, that’s what birthdays are for! Asking our family to conform has been a little difficult, but, I’ll continue to try! We donate gifts and clothing to kids who need them.

I’m excited for Christmas this year, but also a little worried. Assignment 2 requires us to spend 20 minutes a day… slowing down. Slow is not a speed my body understands!

Sign up for the class ends today! Check out http://www.JessicaSprague.com


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