.scrap space.

My belated scrap space post! With a hint of fun at the end! 🙂

I’ve loaded the photos onto my Flickr account so I could add notes with ease.


The above link will take you directly to the scrap space photos.

A few things I wanted to mention:

In the photo titled; “Scrap closet=Scraposet?” I have a white, three drawer, 12X12, case that I store my paper in. On top of that case I have several tools which I use on a regular basis.

  • Crop-A-Dile: Great for putting holes in anything! Also sets eyelets with out having to use a hammer!
  • Scor Pal: If you don’t want to spend $30-40 on one of these, you could easily use your paper trimmer with a bone folder. I’ll make a video this weekend to better explain what I mean.
  • Personal Trimmer: Love this trimmer. It’s awesome!

The kids are just waking up, so I’ll get to this again later! But tomorrow, be sure to check back for some fun blog hop action, freebies, AND prizes!!

Scrappy Happy Me starts off the hop!


2 thoughts on “.scrap space.

  1. Beautiful space!! Very organized! Thanks for sharing how everything is organized. I need to rework my own space because we just moved in a few months ago and I just put stuff away, not in the most logical places either.

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