I’m feeling really nostalgic today. Alex’s “bff” is visiting, he leaves tomorrow, so we’re having our farewell dinner tonight. Having friends visit from middle/high school always makes me miss my family and our friends. Especially to see our kids interacting with old friends, and vice versa. We’re so lucky to have such great friends.

Yesterday, “Mike the mailman”, hand delivered our mail. We received two packages and another piece of “fun mail.” None of which I was expecting, which really sweetens the deal!

Anyways, my bff (someone I went to preschool with) always sends packages for the kids for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving… any reason to send something, she will. I’m so greatful for them. It’s a great reminder that the relationship Alex’s family has with our children, makes no difference, as we have already choosen our family. Sniff sniff. ❤

Anyways, packages, each of the kids received a new pair of pajamas!

Parker was napping when the photos were taken, so here’s one of the girls in their new PJ’s.


I also received a package from LaVerne yesterday… she went above and beyond my expectations. Of course I couldn’t let it all sit!!


This is what I made.

Details tomorrow, I’ve got to get started on dinner and dessert!


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