.magnets using OA and Maya Road.

My D key is still sticking. So if a word doesn’t make sense, add a “D” and see if that helps!! 😉

Anyways, I received a question from someone who wanted some magnets but didn’t have the time to make their own, they wanted to know if I could do it instead. Of course! I can assemble any kit/project kit advertised on my blog for a small fee.

This was the finished product.


I outlined the red letters with my black Zig Millennium pen and added the Maya Road ribbon to the handle.

There are nine magnets in this kit- eight red apples, and one green apple.

9(The tin/magnets auctioned for $32.00!)

You can see the original kit HERE. The tin used above is a Maya Road suitcase much like this one HERE.

Only seven and a half weeks before Christmas! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Christmas? Every other year we celebrate the meaning of Christmas, give to others, donate our time, help in the community etc. That just so happens to be this year. We also give to others, in hopes of teaching our children to give to those who are less fortunate, or in need of something that we can provide. Don’t get me wrong, we do still have gifts for our children, however there are only (give or take) four or five items per child. We’re fortunate to have most of our family cooperate with us, though some believe it’s silly. Birthdays our the time we go all out crazy! I LOVE birthdays! They are so special and important- I’m the person who remembers and acknowledges everyone’s birthday, even my former boss- from five years ago! I never forget when my birthday isn’t acknowledged. It’s really hurtful to me. Silly I know, but my family has always made my birthday special. Speaking of birthdays, today, Alex turned 27! For breakfast the girls and I made him pancakes with blue sprinkles! They were so proud of their pancakes, we even put a candle in it and sang happy birthday!

:: sniff sniff ::

On that note, I hope everyone had a great weekend and Halloween!


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