.unfinished frames.

I took the kids to Ikea yesterday, I wanted to pick up a Christmas gift for Parker. While there, I picked up a pack of three frames for $1.99+ tax of course. They are unfinished, leaving plenty of opportunity to beautify!

Here’s how I beautified this unfinished frame….

First I took apart the frame.

I picked some paper, trimmed it to size, and folded the paper up around the frame. After I folded up the paper, I used a bone folder to define the crease.

I also cut a square out of each corner so I could wrap the paper around the frame.

When I was ready to adhere the paper to the frame, I used my PPA (gloss). I just squeezed it onto the frame, then folded the paper up, one side at a time.

Once each side was covered, I cut an “X” in the paper (the center of the frame), and I wrapped the paper around the edge, and towards the back, so the inside part of the frame is covered with paper also.

I let the frame sit over night, after applying a thin coat of PPA Gloss. And that’s it. Done and done!!

You coul use magazines, fabric, paper… you could also embellish the frame with stickers, words, rub-ons, etc.

(Click on the photos for a closer look.)


2 thoughts on “.unfinished frames.

  1. I love these Ikea frames! Must post some time about using paper napkins to cover one… Of course, you could use rolled up pieces of magazines, couldn’t you?! 😉

  2. uhhh nice ! I’ll have to try that , I have few frames purchased few years back & didn’t know what to do with them , now I will dress them up & give them away as a small gift for christmas
    thanks for the idea.

    Norma ::)

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