week 1: $12.00 traveler

I’m really excited for these next few weeks! I’ve put together several little kits that would make great gifts for the holidays.

This first kit is for the traveler!

The kit includes:
1 passport book
1 matching luggage tag
1 packing list (aproximately 30 pages)
5 6X12 pieces of double sided pattern paper
1 booklet

You will have your choice of orange or blue.

In order to turn the passport book into a mini album (or travel log), I’ve sewn together several (7) pages to form a “booklet”.

Scrap That Smile has a line from Little Yellow Bicycle that is absolutely perfect for this kit if you’re looking to embellish further.

This kit is $12.00 including shipping.
Once clicking on the link, you will be re-directed to PayPal where you’ll make a secure payment.
You don’t have to have PayPal to make a payment using PayPal.
Please contact me with ANY questions, I’m happy to help!

If you purchase three kits, I will ship the fourth and fifth kit free! That’s a $3-$5.00 value PER kit.
Be sure to check out the Halloween project kit for this month! HERE.
As well as another group of kits available: Here.

2 thoughts on “week 1: $12.00 traveler

  1. Ooh Jess, they’re so lovely 🙂 I’ll be sure to mention them on my blog, together with the pics of my fantastically fabby new recipe tin!! 🙂

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