.pumpkins. (PPA vs. Mod Podge)

For this project you’ll need some Perfect Paper Adhesive (PPA), empty glass jars, scissors, tissue paper, black paper and a paint brush. You can see the tutorial at Somewhat Simple. I will also provide instructions, as I’ve done things a little different.

A while ago I invested in some Master’s Touch paint brushes. I don’t paint a whole lot, but when I do, I’m ready. I bought a one inch brush to apply the PPA. I don’t like using sponge brushes because I feel like I waste the adhesive since the sponge absorbs so much.

I used purple, green and orange tissue paper. If you don’t have enough glass jars, or you don’t have a variety, ask your neighbors. I honestly went door to door asking our immediate neighbors for glass jars. One of our neighbors was having a garage sale so I went and asked them, turns out they were selling a few, and they just gave them to me. If all else fails, go to the $1.00 store, they’re sure to have glass jars, and tissue paper!

On with the show!

Gather your supplies. Make sure your glass jars are clean, and dry. Cut some tissue paper in strips.

Step one: apply PPA to your glass jar. (I did a section at a time.)

Step two: Lay your tissue paper over the area you applied PPA.

Step three: Cut off any access tissue paper.

Step four: Go over the strip you just laid with PPA.


Tip: Brush left to right. Brushing top to bottom will “drag” your tissue paper and quite possibly rip it.

Continue steps one through four until you’ve covered the entire glass with tissue paper.

Let dry for approximately two hours. While you’re waiting for the jars to dry, you could cut out the faces you want the pumpkins to wear!

Emily used vinyl to make her pumpkin faces. Now that I think of it… IF you have a cricut, you could probably use it to make faces too! Although Emily provides links to some faces in her post at Somewhat Simple.

Now, for the difference between Mod Podge and PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive). Keep in mind, I’m no professional, I’m just a consumer stating my opinion.

Straight out of the bottle I could tell a difference. MP (Mod Podge) is really thick, and white. PPA is really thin and transparent. When I work with MP I always wear the same pair of pants because I’m a messy crafter and I KNOW I’m going to get MP all over my hands and I’ll need somewhere to wipe it. With PPA I didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing. When I was applying the tissue paper to the jar, I was smoothing it out with my finger and it was like I was playing with lotion. I know it sounds silly, but my fingers weren’t sticky! At all!! PPA ISN’T STICKY!! MP is extrememly sticky, and messy. The PPA is flexible too. I figured that out on accident! When I had put MP on paper and allowed it to dry, I accidentally bent the paper and the MP did no react well to it. Since then I have been really careful not to bend anything I’ve applied MP to. Well… with little ones, life happens. Parker picked up the paper after I’d put some PPA on it, and it didn’t crack, or crumble! How awesome is that!? I’ve done a tiny bit of research on PPA and MP and found out that PPA is water-resistant.

Hurry… go buy some PPA!!

That’s my two cents for the night!


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