If you’ve been following my blog, you know that my mom made the girl’s trick or treat bags out of the $1.00 reusable bags they sell at the grocery store. If you didn’t know that, or need a refresher… check out this post: Package, package, everywhere! (You can click on the photos to make them bigger.) She used her machine to do all the embroidery work. Anyways, she’s not had a chance to make a bag for Parker yet, so I went ahead and made something really (and I do mean REALLY) simple.

(Again with the terrible cell phone picture!)


I’m working on a lot of project kits right now, especially for the holidays. It always takes me so long to get Christmas gifts out of the way! (Not to mention, MAILED!)

The girls and I will be making some fun pumpkins tomorrow. I found FOUR… yes, FOUR, bottles of mod podge this evening while cleaning up my scrap area. (Not to mention three bottles of Glossy Accents.) Found an awesome blog with great tutorials and other “stuff!” Check it out at Somewhat simple: Freaky Friday! Wicked cute, and SUPER easy!

Happy weekend!!


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