Not a whole lot to post today. I’ll explain, and catch up.

I’ve been feeling down in the dumps. The weather change has finally gotten to me. High of 69 yesterday, high of 93 today. Ridiculous. I spent half the day in bed, just trying to rest. If you know me, at all, you know how difficult this is. Sadly, I’ve not felt like doing anything.

My computer needs a new motherboard- so it’s at the “doctor” right now, getting fixed. I won’t have ‘er back until the end of next week at the latest.

Started the awful “D” word today. (Diet in case you missed it!) I’m working with a personal trainer twice a week and I’m finally starting to eat right. I’m on a two week detox- which is part of The Maker’s Diet. These next two weeks I’m eliminating sugar.

For lunch I had some spinach and eggs. Today (all day) I drank water with some rasperries and lemon in it. For dinner Alex made Salmon, and I boiled some eggs, and had a spinach salad with an egg, some rasperries and a little salmon. It was pretty good… minus the egg.

Gabriella had her first dance class today. She doesn’t want to go back! But she will. 😉 Just have to get her some cute shoes like the other girls, and slap on a pretty twirly outfit!!


2 thoughts on “.fyi.

  1. The detox is difficult to do, but worth it. Your body will begin to burn carbs and you will actually feel it! Stay with it – you will see results soon! How are the lessons coming along? Yoga would be great also – strengthens, tones, and burns!

    Get out those Dance Dynamic pix from middle school and let Gab see the frills – she’ll love it!

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