I talk ALOT ALOT ALOT about my ATG gun. I was a manager at Prints Plus (back when they were in business) and we used the ATG guns for framing. So in my opinion the ATG gun is heavy duty, and NOT meant for scrapbooking.

I have been using the Glue Glider.
Details: Refills are at least $6. You get 40-60 feet in a refill. The gun itself is at least $10.

I actively use the Scotch ATG 700.
Details: Refills are $7.98 (acid free) You get 60 yards in a refill, that’s 180 feet. The gun is at least $50. (3M offers refills that aren’t acid free for $5.76 (also 60 yards) if you’re not applying tape on photos, this option is fine- if you plan to apply tape to photos- I would recommend acid free.)

So… to get started, obviously the ATG gun is more expenisve, and refills are $2.00 more… but you get THREE times more then you do with the glue glider. It’s a no brainer, you won’t have to buy as many refills. In the end, it’ll pay for itself.

Plus… everybody’s doin’ it! 😉


One thought on “.adhesive.

  1. Thanks for the information , I just ordered the gun & a plastic mat for my desk to prevent stains on my desk or on my cutting mat

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